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The "Fleet Series Portable Toilet"

The FLEET series sets the standard for high quality portable toilet units. Versatile and adaptable, the Fleet meets the many demands of our clients. Its internal features ensure that it is as comfortable and as easy to use as a conventional toilet.


  • Unique ventilation system
  • Spacious design allows for most efficient use of interior space
  • Sleek easy-to-handle exterior design
  • Heat-treated aluminum doorjamb designed to withstand frontal impact
  • New corner tank design with deep sump area
  • Offers the best value for multiple markets from construction sites to upscale events
  • New non-splash urinal
  • Vanity mirror
  • Coat hook
  • Door lock
  • Can be supplied with interior lighting upon request 
  • Suitable for up to 250 uses  


  • External height: 231 cm
  • External Width:  119 cm
  • External length:  116 cm